ASM Holding Global Business Development

ASM Holding is a marketing and sales incubator that specializes in accelerating the growth of companies who are operating within the global market of Public Safety, Intelligence gathering and Telecommunications. Numerous technologies and a fast changing landscape demands a comprehensive overview of vendors and technology who can support and solve the challenges of your prospects. ASM Holding helps you develop your network.

Exclusive Network

The power of ASM Holding lays in its 17 years of experience within the Telecommunication Industry and IT security solutions Industry. With an exclusive network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa ASM Holding provides a global network and enables you to connect, inform, consult, share and do business with partners and customers on your target list.

Your partner for International results

Partnering with ASM Holding helps minimize the risks of international expansion - lower risk removes the costly mistakes common to international expansion. Partnering with ASM Holding is less costly than doing it yourself, and our team frees up your management and sales team's time for other activities. Faster time-to-market, lower costs, and less risk gives your business a competitive advantage that will deliver faster growth and higher profits. The ASM Holding Global Development team works closely with you for training that helps us understand the unique value proposition offered by your products and services - and to determine how that value proposition can best be communicated to prospects. By holding succinct, engaging discussions with prospects, ASM Holding client account managers start to build the client's pipeline with actionable sales opportunities.

Discover New Business

Streamline Your Sales Process by Generating Greater Demand. Converting "suspects" into prospects by choosing the right companies and securing face-to-face meetings with the right stakeholders propels qualified leads into your pipeline, significantly improving your pipeline by increasing sales opportunities. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to keep their pipelines full, often because cold calling - an extremely powerful demand generation technique when executed correctly - is neglected. With time at premium, in-house salespeople understandably focus on activities considered more productive, such as responding to RFPs and conducting in-person pitches. In fact, only 14% of the average salesperson's time is spent on lead development. ASM Holding Global Business Development helps discover new business opportunities by conducting executive and management level discussions with current clients, new prospects and targeted suspect businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We focus on uncovering business opportunities

ASM Holding Global Business Development helps draft and prepare proposals for its clients as it relates to Enterprise Solutions & Managed Services. We review and work closely with our clients to refine offerings and proposals to optimize potential successes. These enhanced services are helping build new targeted market segment approaches for our clients and expanding their success in the Telecommunication and IT security solutions market segment by using our experience and market strengths developed over years of selling products and services to these markets. We help clients accelerate their move into the Telecommunication and IT security solutions market. ASM Holding's services are strategic, tangible and measurable. Clients utilize ASM Holding's experience in a variety of ways including: As a strategic support overlay for their entire field organization ensuring that each territory has enough demand driven to support their goals. By securing meetings with prospects in the critical first phase of the sales process, ASM Holding's services can help you gain a rapid and sustainable advantage over competitors.

Connecting people, industries and technology

ASM Holding Global Development brings Telecommunication companies and IT security solutions companies together with their customers targeted audience.


Our vision is a Networked Society where every person and company in this industry is empowered to reach their full potential.


We at the ASM Holding believe the future does not wait for those who hesitate and slow down.


The speed where the Telecommunication Industry and IT security solutions Industry is being build is extremely fast. ASM Holding Global Business Development is there to connect the people, companies and technology at the right time and at the right place.

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